Town Square in Oswiecim

District Court building on old Town Square

The photo above shows the Siebarski house, which was built by Michael Siebarski, the Parish priest of the Church of Assumption of Holy Mary in the early 1800s. It is a two-story brick building with a basement. It was modernized by the Germans during their occupation of Poland in World War II. This building is currently the seat of the District Court in Oswiecim.

The town square in Oswiecim dates back to the Middle Ages when it was first built with wooden structures. The buildings were all destroyed in the numerous fires in the city. The present buildings were all built over the last 200 years.

The photo below shows a building on the old Town Square that has a Pizza restaurant on the ground floor. Pizza is very popular throughout Poland.

Building on old Town Square

The old Town Square is no longer used as a market place. During the Communist era, a modern store was built in the middle of the historic square.

Modern building in the middle of the old Town Square

Building on old Town Square

District Court building with church steeple in the background

Auschwitz Town Hall

Photo Credit: Steve Wejroch

Today, Oswiecim is a modern town of 50,000 inhabitants. It is a factory town where 5,000 of the residents are employed in one chemical factory. Upon entering the town from the east, visitors are immediately aware of the factories with their high smokestacks. Some of the factory buildings that were built during the German occupation of Poland are still in use, and still surrounded by a high wall topped with barbed wire.




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