Landmarks in the city of Berlin

The sign at the corner of Vossstrasse and Wilhelmstrasse, shown in the photo above, marks the spot where Hitler's Chancellery once stood. It was part of a gigantic complex, designed by Albert Speer, which included the bunker where Hitler killed himself. The complex was between Wilhelmstrasse and Ebertstrasse, only a short distance south of where the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe now stands.

This is the site of former Nazi building, which is now the location of the Topography of Terror exhibit; the former Gestapo building is in the background. On the left side, note the mound of grass-covered rubble left by the bombing of Berlin in World War II.

The Bebelplatz, where the Nazis burned books in 1933, has an underground memorial called "the Empty Library" which can be seen through a piece of glass.

Today, the kind of books that the Nazis would have burned are sold outdoors in front of the Humboldt Univeristy across the street from the Bebelplatz. Books are still being burned in Germany, but now the Germans are burning books that incite hatred of the Jews by denying the Holocaust.


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