Dachau Scrapbook Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions about Dachau

History of Dachau

Dachau Guidebook by Barbara Distel

Death Statistics

War Crimes Enclosure No. 1

Dachau Concentration Camp

Map of Dachau Camp

Aerial View of Dachau Camp

Aerial view of Dachau complex

The Dachau Story, as told to Tourists

"Arbeit Macht Frei" Gate House

Bunker (camp prison)

Medical Experiments at Dachau

Prisoners' Barracks

Old photos of Barracks

Old barracks buildings at Dachau

Daily Life in the Dachau Camp

Jews in the Dachau Camp

Catholic priests in the Dachau Camp

Babies at Dachau

Commandants of Dachau

Dachaulied (the Dachau song)

Classification of Prisoners

Badges worn by Dachau prisoners

Crematoria Area

Old Crematorium

New Crematorium

Crematory Ovens

Statue of Unknown Prisoner by Fritz Koelle

Graves of thousands of unknown

Pistol range for executions

Disinfection Chambers

Gas input device in Disinfection Chamber

Photo of US soldier and Gas Chamber door

American soldiers inspect disinfection chambers

Original Disinfection Chamber

Dachau Gas Chambers

Interior of the Gas Chamber

Interior doors of the Gas Chamber

Photo of gas pipes and control wheels

Interior walls of the gas chamber

Shower heads and ceiling vents

Light fixtures in the Gas Chamber

Photo of German air raid shelter door

Eyewitness Descriptions of the Gas Chamber

Exterior of the Gas Chamber

Openings on the outside wall of the Gas Chamber

Vent on the roof over the Gas Chamber

Wooden screen hiding the outside wall of Gas Chamber

Photo of US Congressmen in the Gas Chamber

Testimony about the Gas Chamber

Letter from Dr. Sigmund Rascher to Heinrich Himmler

Statement of Dr. Martin Broszat regarding Gas Chambers

No mention of gas chamber at Dachau trial

Leuchter Report - illustrated with photographs

Testimony of Dr. Franciszek Blaha regarding Gas Chamber

The Liberation of Dachau

Liberation Day

Jewish prisoners marched out of Dachau

Background - the days just before liberation

Which Division Liberated Dachau?

Liberation claims by Japanese soldiers

Liberation claims by African American soldiers

Who entered the Dachau camp first?

First Jewish rabbi to enter Dachau

Frank Burns' account of the liberation

Surrender of the Dachau camp

SS 2nd Lt. Heinrich Wicker

The Death Train

The 42nd Rainbow Division

The 45th Thunderbird Division

Execution of German SS Soldiers

The Killing of the guards in Tower B

Col. Howard A. Buechner's account

Testimony of Hans Linberger

Liberation of Allach sub-camp

Liberation of Ampfing sub-camp

Liberation of Kaufering IV sub-camp

Media Coverage of Dachau Liberation

Howard Cowan's Account of Dachau Liberation

Marguerite Higgins' Account of Dachau Liberaton

42nd Division Newsletter 1 May 1945

Aftermath of the Liberation of Dachau

40th Combat Engineer Regiment

Body of Lt. Heinrich Wicker

Bringing the typhus epidemic under control

Dachau residents feed the inmates

Dachau Memorial Site

Catholic Church of Mortal Agony of Christ

Catholic Carmelite Convent

Russian Orthodox Church

Protestant Church of Reconciliation

Jewish Memorial Building

International Monument

Dachau Museum

Dachau Museum - 1998

Dachau Museum 1965 - 2002

SS-Übungslager (Training Camp)

History of the SS

Avenue of the SS

Gates into Dachau complex

Preserved section of railroad track

The Other Dachau


Tour of Historic Places in town of Dachau

List of Historic Places with links to Tour

Old Castle in town of Dachau

New Art Gallery in historic building

Ludwig Thoma - famous resident of Dachau

History of the Nazi take-over in Dachau

Location of Dachau town gates

Fountain designed by Ignatius Taschner

Leitenberg - location of mass graves

Italian Memorial Chapel at Leitenberg

Waldfriedhof - location of individual graves

Paintings by Dachau Artists

The Dachau Trials


The Malmedy Massacre trial

Trial of Martin Gottfried Weiss

Trial of Ilse Koch (human lamp shades)

Trial of 31 accused from Buchenwald

Trial of Mauthausen Camp staff

Gustav Petrat's accusations of torture

Trial of Gustave Petrat

Trial of Rudolf Merkel

Trial of Prof. Dr. Klaus Schilling

Trial of Alex Piorkowski

Trial of Hans Merbach - Death Train

Trial of Erhart Brauny for Gardelegen massacre

Spanish Kapos at Mauthausen concentration camp

Miscellaneous Pages

Martin Zaidenstadt - Dachau Survivor

Dachau history, as told by a visitor

General Charles Delestraint, executed at Dachau

Execution of Georg Elser at Dachau

Execution of Dr. Sigmund Rascher at Dachau

British SOE agents executed at Dachau

Photo of George S. Patton pissing into Rhine River

Quotes from the speeches of Heinrich Himmler

Photographs of Heinrich Himmler

25 Points of the Nazi party platform

Quotes from the speeches of Adolf Hitler

Allied War Crimes - by Michael F. Connors

Nazi poster about April 1, 1933 boycott of Jewish stores

Famous quote by the Rev. Martin Niemöller

Forged speech by Sir Hartley Shawcross

Porter Stevens, American POW liberated from Dachau


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