Peephole in Dachau gas chamber 

"They were told to remove all clothing and jewelry and ordered into bathhouses armed with waterjets holding Zyklon B, a poison gas used to kill rats." quoted from The Century by Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster, published Nov. 1998


American soldier standing in Dachau gas chamber

The photograph above shows an American soldier standing in the Dachau gas chamber shortly after the liberation of the concentration camp. Behind him is the west wall of the homicidal gas chamber which has two holes. The top hole was described by the American liberators as the "peephole" through which an SS man in the "engineer's room" behind the wall could watch the victims die in the gas chamber. In the photograph, you can see light coming through the peep hole, which is approximately at chest height and is located to the soldier's right. On the far right is what appears to be a stack of wooden coffins