Pipes entering Dachau gas chamber

Pipes enter the Dachau gas chamber from a rear corridor

These photos were taken at Dachau in May 2003. The photo above shows the pipes which enter the gas chamber from the corridor that runs along the back of the building. There are three pipes for the three rows of shower heads in the homicidal gas chamber, which was disguised as a shower room with fake shower heads.

No pipes can be seen inside the gas chamber because the three pipes enter the room at a point above the 7.6-foot concrete ceiling; they are visible only through an outside window in the rear of the gas chamber building, which is shown in the photograph below.

Pipes going into gas chamber can be seen through this window

The photograph at the top of this page, taken in May 2003, shows what Fred Leuchter saw through the window of the room behind the gas chamber. Leuchter identified these pipes as water pipes going into what he thought was a shower room. In the movie shown at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal on November 29, 1945, these same pipes were identified as gas pipes used to introduce poison gas into the gas chamber disguised as a shower room.

Display near the door into the gas chamber

The photograph above, taken in 2003, shows a display on the wall near the door into the Dachau gas chamber; this display shows a drawing of the pipes in the photograph at the top of this page.

The display caption reads: "Drawings by Captain Fribourg, member of the French military mission May 1945." The drawing shows some "fittings" on the wall to the left of the control wheels which the display says "were stolen in the postwar years." The title on the drawing of the pipes and wheels reads: "Operating facilities in the adjacent left corridor."

Pipe inside the shower room has been closed off

The photograph above shows a pipe inside the Dachau gas chamber which comes through the wall from the corridor behind the building. The pipe, which has been sealed off, is described as a "water pipe" in the display on the wall of the undressing room. This is the only pipe that is visible in the gas chamber, which has fake showerheads not connected to a water supply.

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