Hartheim Castle

Front entrance to Schloss Hartheim in Alkoven, Austria

Hartheim Castle in Alkoven, Austria is now a Memorial Site dedicated to the thousands of physically and mentally handicapped persons who were murdered here by the Nazis. The main entrance on the south side now has a modern sliding glass door, as shown in the photo above.

Southwest corner of Hartheim Castle

On the west side of the Castle is an artistic replica of the garage shed that the Nazis built there to hide the victims from public view when they arrived on buses. On the left side of the photo, you can see the metal panels that have been built in the spot where the shed once stood.

Inside the area which used to be a garage shed

Metal panels have been constructed on the west side of the castle around the area where the garage shed used to be. A doorway has been cut into the northwest tower for a modern sliding glass door. Visitors can enter the shed area from inside the castle, or from another sliding glass door on the outside, which is behind the camera in this shot.

West side of Hartheim castle with modern replica of garage shed

The victims who were murdered here entered the castle through a garage shed which was built at the northwest corner, shown at the left of this photo. On the far right is the building which now houses a book store and a cafeteria.

East Side of Castle

Interior Courtyard of Castle

Interior of Castle

Hartheim Museum

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