Oradour-sur-Glane Church Bells

The bronze bells in the church tower melted from the intense heat of the fire inside the church which had spread to the tower. Today, the bells are displayed inside the church, near the front door, as shown in the photo above. On the right side of the photo above is the wooden front door which is not the original door. The ceiling above the bells is still intact, so the bells could not have fallen from the tower into the church.

The photo below shows the melted bells in the foreground with the front door in the background. Notice that the front door opens inward.The large pot near the door is the holy water font. Devout Catholics entering the church would dip their fingers in the holy water and then make the sign of the cross. Notice that the floor of the church is made of stone and the walls are granite. There was not much that would burn inside the church, except the wooden pews. The second photo below shows a close-up of the melted bells. The iron bar that held the two bells did not melt.

Notice in the photo above that the melted bells are resting on some broken stones; the stone in the foreground appears to have a bit of the melted bronze on it. This indicates that the bells fell onto some stones in another location and both the bells and the stones were transported to this location inside the church. The floor of the church, underneath the bells, is undamaged.

The photo below shows a close-up of the engraving on the bells.

Window used in escape

Exterior of Church

Interior of Church

Doors & Sacistry

Main Altar

Side Altars

Confessional Box