Oradour-sur-Glane Church

The photo above shows the Oradour-sur-Glane church before it was destroyed. Note the spires on top of the towers and the brass ball on top of the highest spire. To the right is the roof of the Market Place and behind it is a house.

The photo above was taken in 1938 before the destruction of the village. Note the old car which appears to be an early 1930ies model. The church is shown in the upper left of the photo. All the steeples above the towers and the church are now completely gone, destroyed by the fire set by the SS soldiers, which spread from the floor of the church up into the towers. To the right of the church in the photo, the building with the shutters on the upstairs window is the presbytery or presbyterie, which was the home of the Catholic priests. The presbytery garden is to the right of the presbytery, but not visible in this photo.

The tree in the center of the photo is still there; it has grown so big that a photo taken from the same spot today would hide the presbytery. The spot where the car is parked is approximately where a gate was placed across the entrance road when the ruins were declared to be a historical site. Tourists were formerly allowed to enter the town through this gate. Now there is only one entrance, through the Center of Memory, which opened in 1999. The Bouchoule barn, where some of the men were killed, is in the foreground on the extreme right in the photo above.



SS officers



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