Photos of Oradour-sur-Glane survivors

Madame Marguerite Rouffanche, the only survivor of the massacre in the church, is shown in the photo above.

The photo above shows some of the survivors of the massacre. In the foreground is Roger Godfrin, who was 8 years old when he escaped.

Shown in the front row, from left to right are Armond Senon, Mathieu Borie, Daniel Senon, Clément Broussaudier, Joseph Beaubreuil, Robert Besson, Paul Doutre, Martial Machefer.

In the back row, from left to right are Yvon Roby, Marcel Darthout (partially hidden), Maurice Beaubreuil, Hubert Désourteaux, Aimé Renaud.

Two other survivors, Robert Hébras and André Désourteaux, are not shown in this photo.




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