a poem by Dominic Campbell

The age-old sands of time take its toll
Leaving the ghosts to whisper
In a summer's breeze
Saddened now the skeletal ruins look upon
Quiet and empty streets
Where once they were bustling
To the sounds of laughter
And as I walk amongst the aged stones
Whispers fall upon my ears
Child-like voices like an angel's breath
Telling me of once was
And Why?

And as the whispers come to me
My skin begins to chill and blemish
I feel so afraid
But yet I know that they will not hurt me
But still I smile too
At their laughter
And my own fear disperses
Taken over by a sadness
For those who had so much to give
Their angelic grace so abruptly taken
By evil winds
Without Conscience

And it's only the living that fears now
To walk along these streets
Haunted by their ancestry

But the ruins still weep
In their loneliness
No more will they see the joy
Of the toil of a tradesman
They remain empty
Void of life
But yet they still breathe


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