Kazimierz city wall

Kazimierz city wall with Old Synagogue behind it.

Reconstructed Kazimierz city wall at the end of Szeroka street

The photograph above shows a part of the reconstructed Kazimierz city wall at the southern end of Szeroka street. The door to the Old Synagogue is to the left of the little courtyard in front of the wall.

The photo below shows a reconstructed portion of the original wall which surrounded the city of Kazimierz. This wall, which is located behind the Old Synagogue, was torn down in 1818 after Krakow became a Free City in 1815 under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian empire. This area of Poland had been under the control of Austria since 1772, when the First Partition of Poland was made. At the beginning of the Austrian occupation in 1772, the Jews were ordered to leave. It was in the period following World War I, when Poland regained its independence, that a large number of Jews came back to Krakow and settled in Kazimierz.

Reconstructed city wall on the left, Old Synagogue on the right

Back side of reconstructed city wall that is shown above

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