Monuments at Plaszow

Memorial stone to all those who were killed at Plaszow

The photograph above shows the large monument at the former Plaszow concentration camp, which commemorates all the victims who died there, Polish Catholics as well as Jews. Of all the Holocaust monuments I've seen, and I've seen a few, this one has the best design, in my opinion. This monument faces the city of Krakow in the distance.

The photograph below was taken from the steps of the monument, looking towards Krakow, the capital of Nazi-occupied Poland. This monument was erected in 1964.

View from Plaszow monument, looking toward the city of Krakow

The photograph below shows a view of the former site of the Plaszow concentration camp with the back of a small memorial stone shown in the foreground on the right. The guidebook says that this stone was erected in memory of "the Jews who were slaughtered at the camp." The tour guide translated the words inscribed on the stone, written in Polish, which say something to the effect that we don't know their names, so we call them by one name: Jews. We can't describe how terrible and barbaric the Nazis were, so we call them by one name: Hitlerists. There was one word that the guide didn't know how to translate into English; it was the one word in the Polish language that I knew, the word pogrom, which needs no translation.

Site of Plaszow concentration camp, Jewish memorial on the right

One of my tour guides pointed out that the term Hitlerites or Hitlerists or Nazis should always be used when referring to the enemy in World War II, rather than Germans. There were many countries that supported or collaborated with the Nazis, and many soldiers from Allied or neutral countries that fought in the Waffen-SS, the volunteer army of Nazi Germany. The photograph below shows the front of the memorial stone with the inscription in Polish, which uses the name Hitlerists for the perpetrators.

Memorial stone to the Jews who were killed at Plaszow