Stone in honor of Janusz Korczak

Individual stone honors Janusz Korczak

The photo above shows a stone in the symbolic cemetery at Treblinka which was placed there in honor of Janusz Korczak, the only person to have his name on a stone. There are 17,000 stones in the symbolic cemetery and 700 of them represent the Jewish communities in Poland that were destroyed in the Holocaust. Most of the stones are small and have no writing on them. In the foreground of the photo is the stone for the victims from the town of Staszow in Poland.

Korczak was a pseudonym for Dr. Henryk Goldzmit. He was a teacher and a social worker who ran an orphanage in Warsaw. He also did a weekly radio show for children, and wrote a series of children's books in which the central character was a boy king named King Matt. In July 1942, he turned down the opportunity to escape from the Warsaw Ghetto, and instead accompanied his orphans to Treblinka where he was murdered in the gas chamber along with them. The bodies of the 800,000 murdered Jews were at first buried inside the camp, but were later dug up and burned in order to destroy all evidence of what happened at the Treblinka death camp.

According to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Korczak marched along with his 192 orphans to the Umschlagplatz in Warsaw when the Jews were ordered to report for deportation to the East. One child was carrying the flag of King Matt with the Zionist flag on the other side of it. The Zionist flag is now the blue and white flag of Israel.






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