17th Century house directly across from Synagogue

The photograph above shows the white-washed house directly across the former Jewish market square that is in front of the 17th century Synagogue in Tykocin; it appears to have been built during the same time period. This photo was taken in October 1998 when I visited Tykocin on a tour of Poland.

The front door of the house was open and I could see through the hallway to the open back door; the floor of the hallway is stone. I asked my tour guide if this is currently a residence, and was assured that it is. Notice the cobblestone street in front of the house; it also dates back to the 17th century. The tour guide explained that what we call a cobblestone street in America is really made out of small bricks, while a real cobblestone street, such as you see in the villages of Poland, is made from medium size stones that appear to be river rocks. This is definitely not the place to wear shoes with thin soles or high heels.

Next door to the Synagogue in Tykocin is the old Talmudic House, which has been converted into a museum with artifacts from Jewish religious life. One of the rooms at the museum is the preserved house of study (Bet ha Midrash) where Jewish men formerly gathered to study the Torah.

The two photographs below show displays in the museum.

Curtain used to cover Holy Ark

Table setting for Seder, represenative of Jewish home