Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

All of the photos on this page are from The Stroop Report, a 75-page book, which consists mostly of telegrams about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Four of these telegrams from the Stroop Report are quoted below:

April 25, 1943:

In total, 1690 Jews were captured alive. According to stories from the Jews, there have definitely also been parachutists dropped here and bandits who have been supplied weapons from an unknown location. 274 Jews were shot, and as on other days, uncounted Jews were buried alive in the blown-up bunkers and, as near as can be determined, burned. With today's bounty of Jews, a very large portion of the bandits and lowest elements of the Ghetto has, in my opinion, been captured. Immediate liquidation was not carried out due to the onset of darkness. I will attempt to obtain a train for T II (the Treblinka death camp) for tomorrow, otherwise the liquidations will be carried out tomorrow.

April 26, 1943:

At this time there are no more captured Jews in Warsaw. The previously mentioned transport to T.II was successful.

May 13, 1943:

The few Jews and criminals still remaining in the ghetto have for 2 days used the refuges available in the ruins in order to go back to their well-known bunkers at night, and there to eat and supply themselves for the next day. No evidence on further bunkers known to them can be obtained from the captured Jews. The rest of the inhabitants, where the fire fight took place, were destroyed by the strongest explosive charges. From a Wehrmacht operation 327 Jews were captured today. These captured Jews will only be sent to T.II.

May 24, 1943:

Of the overall total of 56,065 captured Jews, about 7,000 have been destroyed in the course of the large-scale action in the former Jewish living quarter. 6,929 Jews were destroyed (vernichtet) by transport to T. II, so that overall, 13,929 Jews were destroyed. It is estimated that, in addition to the number of 56,065, 5 - 6,000 Jews were destroyed (vernichtet) by explosions and fire.

T.II is a reference to the Treblinka II death camp where Jews were gassed immediately upon arrival. Treblinka I or T.I was a labor camp.


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