Virtual Tour of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Courtyard of the Dominican Nunnery, taken thorough a window inside

The former Dominican Nunnery is now the Imperial City Museum. Inside is the original kitchen which dates back to around 1300 and is believed to be the oldest kitchen in Germany.

Until 1544, the nunnery was inhabited by the unmarried daughters of the local aristocratic families and the landed gentry. Since 1936, this building has been the Imperial City Museum, which houses artwork and artifacts. On display is the original tankard from which the former mayor Georg Nusch drank 3 1/4 liters of wine to save the city from destruction during the Thirty Years War. In the basement of the building is a collection of tombstones from the Jewish cemetery which is now a parking lot.

On the corner of the building below, which is on Klingengasse, there is a sign underneath the bay window which points to the Museum, located on the western edge of Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Sign on Feuerleinserker on Klingengasse points to location of Museum

The photo below shows the old kitchen with a stove which has a huge chimney, open to the sky, above it. To the right of the small window is the kitchen sink, which consists of a shallow indentation in a stone; the sink slopes toward the wall so that the water drains through a hole in the wall to the outside. The dishes were rinsed by pouring water over them from a bucket.

Oldest kitchen in Germany dates back to around 1300

In the photo of the kitchen stove, shown below, the small window is behind the camera.

The kitchen stove with its huge chimney

Closeup of sink on left side of kitchen

The photo below shows a toilet inside a small closet in the kitchen; it has a wooden seat covered by a lid that lifts up.

Toilet inside a closet in the old kitchen

St. Wolfgang's Church




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