Locke, California

Historic Chinese Town

West side of Main Street, looking south

Old building on Main Street is leaning forward

Doorway of leaning building on Main Street

The town of Locke is a favorite of photographers who like to take pictures of the buildings like the one shown below. On weekends, you will have to wait your turn to photograph this building.

In 1916, nine acres of orchard land, owned by George Locke, was cleared to provide additional space for the town of Locke. The town's founder, Lee Bing, financed the construction of nine new buildings which were built in 1916. Most of these buildings are now dilapidated and some, like the building pictured above, are in danger of collapsing.

Ramshackle building appears to be falling forward

By 1920, Locke had 50 buildings, including a church, a school, a post office, five hotels or boarding houses, two saloons, four grocery stores, two dry goods stores, a pool room, and several gambling halls and whore houses. Locke was the center of activity for the Chinese farmers in the Delta and the number of people who shopped and socialized here sometimes exceeded 1,000.

River Road

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