Locke, California

Historic Chinese Town

Stairs lead from River Road sidewalk to Main Street below

Main Street Entrance to stairway to River Road

One of two idential doorways on Main Street, 2001

The two main streets in Locke are connected by stairs and narrow alleys which give the town a unique charm. The town was built behind a levee, so that the store fronts on the River Road are higher than the stores lining Main Street. Stairways connect the wooden sidewalk on the River Road to the sidewalk on Main Street below.

In 1977, the entire town of Locke, and 450 acres of surrounding land, was purchased by a Hong Kong developer named Ng Tor Tai. The buildings in Locke are owned by private individuals, while Tai's company, Asian City Development, owns the land on which Locke stands. The residents of Locke protested against plans to develop the area with modern housing.

Alley leads from Main Street to houses on Key Street

Wooden walkway connects Main Street to Key Street

Narrow alleys are part of the charm of Locke

Residents on Key Street use this alley to reach Main Street

Alley between historic buildings in Locke

Corner of Locke & Key streets

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